Bauhaus Museum Dessau
Architect: EM2N
Client: Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
Status: Competition (2015)
Clasification: Selected
Location: Berlin, Germany
Coordinates: 52.5063628, 13.3516022
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Glass, Metal
Environments: Riverside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 6.700 ㎡ Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

The extension to the Bauhaus-Archiv and the Museum für Gestaltung is made up of three differentiated building blocks, which interact with the distinctive figure of the Gropius building to create a permeable ensemble around a shared courtyard. The public functions are newly organised in two transparent spatial vessels covered by slender, widely cantilevered roof slabs: the entrance building and the café: in the foyer a representative spiral staircase leads to the underground exhibition area.

The café, located next to the entrance building, is swivelled so that its long side faces the attractive open space of the Herkulesufer. The third building volume, which houses the deliveries area, workshops and offices, derives its volume and height from the neighbouring wing of the Gropius building that flanks the street. The existing building houses events spaces, a ‘Schaudepot’ (display depot), the archive and offices.

Competition: Bauhaus Museum Dessau | Post date: 17/12/2015 | Views: 4.647