Architect: Francisco Rocha
Status: Competition (2013)
Clasification: Honour mention
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Intervention, Landscape

Moses, the man who divided the waters.

As Exodus records, God helped Moses leading his people safely across the Red Sea.

When facing the Fjords one can almost say that a divine and magnificent entity was able to build such an amazing landscape. Breath taking!

The Fjords are an ode to how small and impotent the man seems to be compared to mother nature. Based on this littleness, Moses—the project, tries to lead a way not only for the people but also to the discussion of how can one strongly interfere with the greatness that was given.

If the Fjords are great? Why can’t we make it bigger?

Due to the lack of conditions for the cruises in the valley and the increase of tourists the quality of living in the area seems to be drastically declining. With this in mind, we decided to bring the cruises some steps back creating a new area where tourists and locals could live and enjoy the valley without overstepping each other.

Building a new functional and ecological ship dock embedded in a dam, would bring new qualities to the site. Such as new green area, where probably a fresh ecosystem could grow apart of other activities.

The construction of the dam would allow the surrounding areas to be energy self-sufficient.

A new connection would be made by a Green Bus which could move among Lausneset, Maråk and Homlung in a circular path.

Upon arrival, the ships would face the piers, two long arms into the water defining the three landing points. The meeting point of the piers and the dam arise with two towers that provide two main vertical connections with all the facilities of the dock, such as laboratories, the harbor offices, a tourist office, bike and kayak rental center and a Hotel.

The Hotel is carved inside the main concrete structure, where the rooms are located  along the big wall of the dam and provide an exclusive view of the valley. On the opposite side a restaurant and a lounge area present the viewer with an underwater scenario.

In conclusion, with Moses, we have tried to lead the way to a brighter and stronger future in the valley where man made building become part of the nature.

Team: Francisco Rocha | Post date: 24/02/2013 | Views: 2.003