New Blocks on the Block
Architect: Foti Boulougaris
Client: Unknown
Status: Research
Location: Montreal, Canada
Coordinates: 45.5168482, -73.5794068
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Stone
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Lens Images
Scale: 438 ㎡ Small
Types: Housing, Refurbishment, Residential

“New blocks on the block,..This building completes the city block and respects its bigger brother across the street, a 1912 building inspired by the Chicago school. Commercial on the ground, two family homes with a private courtyard. The scale and proportions give presents to the site and the rhythmic openings in the facade does not alter the monolithic perception of the house which shines interiorly as in its exterior by an incredible combination of skylights and smart distribution. The colour of the limestone was carefully chosen to relate to its surrounding environment, as if pigments from surrounding buildings where taken, mixed and applied to the new. Highly responsive to light with its subtle geometry, creating a natural meeting point between old and new, that is also high performance and passivhaus standard.»

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