Architect: OCA Studio
Client: KCP
Status: Competition (2017)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Coordinates: 50.062033,14.4263173
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Glass, Metal
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images
Scale: Large
Types: Cultural, Cultural center

The new KCP extension is thought as a sustainable landmark floating above a new urban park. The public spaces and new amenities below will attract and draw together the centre’s visitors and the citizens of Prague creating a symbiotic dialog.
The goal of the new Prague Congress Centre design is to create a dialogue between the Centre and its context. The KCP needs to shift its focus from city to neighborhood. To accomplish this is proposed a building capable of creating a park. The new public space will become a meeting point for the area and will encourage much needed interaction and exchange between exhibition goers and community. The exhibition centre will bring new uses and activities which will permeate into the park. This will effectively tie together the congress centre with its location.

The new centre’s design is composed by a single large volume which recognizes the chaotic nature of the site and structures it without negating its nature. The continuous interactive façade will create an iconic setting for new activities and events to flourish in Pankrác square. The building will soar above the park with enough clearance to let city life flow unaltered underneath and into the new entrance, wide open to the city. The new KCP will function like a bridge, linking distant points and organizing the territory without affecting the landscape beneath it. The small built footprint will create an incredible setting under the reflective underbody where urbanity and unexpected activities blossom.

Competition: New KCP | Team: Bernardo García, Marc Subirana, Biel Susanna, Hernan Lleida | Collaborator: Joaquim Sellas, Anabel Lazaro, Josep Ramon Rius, Silvia Juventeny, Simona Sulcová, Francesc Villena | Post date: 28/09/2017 | Views: 7.819