New Town Hall is a proposal by tiarstudio promoted by Municipality of Sesto Fiorentino in 2023. It is located in Sesto Fiorentino Italy in an old town setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 1.920 sqm a budget of 5.400.000 € and a ratio of 2.813 €/sqm. Key materials are plaster and stone. Zograph collaborated as visualizer.

The project involves demolishing an existing building with an irregular shape and constructing a new Lshaped structure with three stories above ground. The goal is to re-establish a connection between the public buildings within the block. After the demolition, the new building is positioned similarly to the previous structure, but with a more regular shape and a smaller footprint. The building, featuring a flat roof, stands nearly as tall as the adjacent structure, which has only two stories but with notably higher inter-floors. At the point where the two buildings meet, a transitional volume is planned to serve as a vertical connection between the different offices and levels in the new complex, also providing a service entrance for staff.

The facades are designed with a simple aesthetic, with ground-floor cladding creating a base that aligns with the style of neighbour buildings. This base differs from the upper floors, which are plastered and have large full-height windows arranged irregularly. On the Via Fratti side, a setback in the design emphasise the service entrance and the transition to the adjoining building. The landscaping plan for the outdoor spaces focuses on preserving existing trees and transforming an area that was once fenced off and underused into an open, accessible space for residents and the community.

3202-TIA-IT-2023 — Posted in 2024 — Explore more projects on city hall and institutional — Climate: mediterranean and temperate — Coordinates: 43.832050,11.197716 — Team: Federico Florena, Vincenzo Mancuso, Giovanni Ruggieri — Collaborator: Martina Ancillotti, Petra Masini — Views: 468