Pearl Gallery is a proposal by Chybik+Kristof for City of Ústí nad Orlicí in 2022. It is located in Ústí nad Orlicí Czech Republic in an old town setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 3.200 sqm a budget of 3.255.200 € and a ratio of 1.017 €/sqm. Key materials are brick and metal.

After years of prosperity, the Pearl textile factory in Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic, shut down in 2009. Its vast facilities started shrinking in size ever since. Up until this day, only the most valuable buildings remained — a production building designed by Pavel Janak, an office extension of the block, and a machine building from the XIX century — which will now be transformed into the modern art gallery, a new symbol of the town. Located nearby the main square of Usti nad Orlici, the newly revitalized building will strongly contribute to the already existing cultural infrastructure of the town. Strategically positioned passages allow seamless circulation between the public spaces, creating a smooth, pedestrian-friendly experience. Splitting the existing built mass into two buildings allows a direct distribution of functions, at the same time, solving the accessibility issues caused by the topography. The ground floor of the former office building is now activated by a vibrant cafe space and a new public space on its forefront.

Two main design exertions: additions and demolitions, determined the material approach. New spatial elements are covered with a polished, metallic sheet, contrary to the revealed surfaces, in which uneven texture was kept, and treated with a glossy white coating. The chimney, deprived of its primary function, remains on the site as the symbol of its industrial past. The freshly added reflective sign merges with the existing tissue, turning the chimney into Pearl’s indicator, visible even from distant parts of the area. Three exhibition spaces, the main hall (white box), a small hall (black box), and the textile cabinet are connected with a centrally positioned elevator. The gallery space of the textile cabinet can be secluded from the main hall with the use of curtains.

3203-CHK-CZ-2022 — Posted in 2024 — Explore more projects on cultural cultural center and refurbishment — Climate: continental and temperate — Coordinates: 49.974028,16.396336 — Views: 447