Ocnos is a proposal by Jiménez & Linares and Ciria Álvarez for EMVISESA in 2019. It is located in Sevilla Spain in an urban setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 1.826 sqm. Key material is plaster. José Manuel Ballesteros

As in Cernuda’s book, the project looks back to reflect on spaces that have all marked us and the sensations we remember: the sound of a garden, the clarity of a white patio or a deep, shaded threshold. But as in Ocnos, the project seeks to learn from the past from the present, with a modern and plain language, without metrics or rhyme.

From the outside, the building is perceived as a resounding and contemporary volume, with a continuous façade facing the street, where different disorderly gaps appear. Some of these gaps show shops at double height, others deeper housing the terraces of the houses, while the last, the narrowest and transparent reveal an empty interior, framing partial views of a raised garden.

On the ground floor and the mezzanine floor, there are shops that, with a U-section, embrace the elevated garden, separating the houses into two small towers-miradors, which crown the whole.

The projected typology consists of four, three and two bedroom homes. All of them follow a common scheme: a lateral band that runs along the facade houses uses such as kitchen, toilets, storage space and terraces, isolating from the outside.

The grouping of housing units is done two to two, with dwellings of the same number of rooms facing one another. With this, the division between housing units is internal, improving the conditions of heat exchange between different entities.

The building is conceived as a compact building, minimizing the north and south orientations, concentrating its gaps around terraces with vegetation and protective blinds.

The facades are isolated on the outside with an SATE system that minimizes thermal bridges. The landscaped roof has a raised technical floor and using planters covered by plants of small-medium size, provides thermal comfort.

The housing facilities are concentrated in a false perimeter beam that facilitates the redistribution of the rooms, prolonging their useful life.

2504-JIL-SVQ.ES-2019 — Posted in 2019 — Explore more projects on housing and residential — Climate: mediterranean and temperate — Team: Elena Jiménez, Abelardo Linares, Beatriz Álvarez Gómez, Miguel Ciria Hernández — Collaborator: Paloma Márquez — Views: 12.371