Písek swimming pool
Architects: EMBAIXADA Arquitectura, Miguel Cavaleiro, João Pereira Veríssimo, Marcos Barradas, Tiago Pinto, Jorge Mealha
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Pisek, Czech Republic
Coordinates: 49.306049, 14.138547
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Stone
Environments: Riverside, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Pool, Sport

Art and architecture.

Although art and architecture are themselves an exercise of abstraction, and cultural artificial.

Mankind has always tried to somehow simplify, unify these two seemingly irreconcilable conceptual and cultural paradigm. In Latin and Anglo-German languages of the opposite nature (by nature) is an artificial (Kunstlich), derived from art (Kunst). In this sense, art and nature are direct opposites, the two sides of the same coin.

Although this apparent double root, we eventually brought other aspects that need to be addressed: a sense of the fragility of our environment leads us to create positive line encounters with nature. This dialectical duo emerges as the final aspiration now: the aim is to create new and protective properties at once beautiful, sustainable and understandable.

«Nature» now represents the meeting point of the project and its exterior. The project was designed in accordance with the logic of nature he sets before Social Registers of our time.

This objective implies the use of shared codes of understanding, assessment and especially the collective adoption. In this context, we recommend using nature as a metaphor, as a medium, where even though the characters and backdrops, activities and products (buildings) are different, they are strongly correlated.

Clearly, the idea of nature is semantically and conceptually conflictuous. The idea of nature inherited from classical science today would be replaced by a view of an alternative conceptualisation of nature and our place in it.


Pools and baths are among the oldest known types of buildings. From the earliest records, the water always had a leading role in people’s lives is not only an essential element for human development, but also one of the key factors of social life, community, leisure and indulgence.

Therefore, swimming lead to the first public infrastructures and architecture as medium for expressing these ideals as a public statement about the values of a specific society.

Creating a new swimming pool in the town of Písek offers a unique opportunity to rethink this typology that meet new designs – Water, Nature, Architecture and Society, while providing the opportunity to create an eternal moment of social renewal of life by setting up a new public space in the region, thus enhancing the exceptional urban area in the city.

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