Plastic Surgery Clinic
Architect: Mario Corea
Status: Project On going
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 5.426,59 ㎡ Medium
Types: Healthcare, Hospital

The project is presented as a major horizontal unit with light wells on which six two-storey hospitalization volumes rest as if they were floating. The idea of this hospital design is to control its size and make it similar to the urban dimensions, controlling and balancing the landscape impact of such a building in the city.

The project consists in building a low height hospital, with changes in the existing topography, a big well-lit unit where the general public and the physicians can communicate, with green spaces, evoking nature in the building area. In the facade, where pedestrian accesses are located, the large scale building is softened with two project strategies.

On the one hand, the facade plane that covers the whole building is bent over, optically reducing the physical presence of the building and increasing its perspective effect. On the other hand, on the ground floor there are rounded pavilions at a lower scale that receive people, helping to organize the different entrances. In the big area of the public rambla, the personnel, patients and visitors encounter a public square which enters into the building as if it were part of it.

Team: Mario Corea, Eugenio Tioni | Collaborator: María Ceballos, Alba Casanovas, Helena López, Marta Martí | Structural engineer: Albert Pujol Teixidó | Post date: 03/03/2013 | Views: 3.872