Porta als Parcs Lettenareal
Architect: Javier Barriuso
Client: ETSA Barcelona
Status: Academic Project (2016)
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Glass
Environments: Park, Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 3.500 ㎡ Medium
Types: Bridge, Cultural, Intervention, Mixed use, Public space, Urban design

The crossing of two important urban axes in the city of Zürich has so far remained unnoticed. The project positions itself on this very crossing and will function as a “hinge” between these two axes, as well as between the informal urban character of the Limmatkanal and the traditional urbanity of the Langstrasse. It will provide the connection between the different urban levels and an “urban livingroom” to potentiate the civic character of the site.

The Langstrasse crosses over the Limmatkanal at a height of 8,50 meters. An elongated flat roof (140mx25m) will stretch parallel to the Kanal 13 meters above the ground and will cantilever 9 meters over the bridge. The roof is supported by heavy “T” shaped concrete frames, thus columns divide the space underneath in two identical naves: the first directly facing the river, the second protected behind the colonnade.

The first nave is conceived as an urban porch. A metallic ramp hangs from the concrete structure and slopes down from the bridge level to the riverside. This new connection will provide an entrance to the riverside park as well as a framed perspective towards the panorama of Zürich.

The second nave contains the interior spaces. It is vertically divided in two main levels: the ground floor provides a series of niches that support the riverside promenade with programs stretching from multipurpose halls to bar or classrooms, while the main floor contains the “urban livingroom”, a space for citizens conceived as a field lighted from the north and homogeneously serviced with installations, allowing users to arrogate this covered public space in the way they wish.

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