Prato Shoah Museum
Architect: Mattia Fabbri
Client: Unknown
Status: Academic Project (2017)
Location: Prato, Italy
Coordinates: 43.8765355, 11.097989600000005
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Materials: Brick, Metal
Environment: Old town
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Cultural, Museum

Today, remembering the Shoah means overcoming the walls of indifference. Not only about the history, but also about the recurrent daily forms of intolerance.

Starting from this assumption, the new museum proposal is articulated into two volumes, placed either side of Prato’s historic walls. An underground expository walk would then connect them together.

The new museum would not be constructed of open glass surfaces, instead it has blind fronts to transmit incommunicability and silence.

Inside the building there would be a mosaic floor, as its sensitivity to light would emulate ancient mausoleums.

Consultant: Fabrizio Rossi Prodi, Roberto Bologna | Post date: 19/03/2018 | Views: 4.353