Promenade to the graves
Architect: Adriana Vazquez
Client: ETSA Girona
Status: Academic
Location: Figueras, Spain
Coordinates: 42.263025, 2.975626
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Industrial
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Large
Types: Cemetery, Religious

Death and live, two opposite words divided metaphysically by a fine line. The death is the only point that we know that sooner or later it will occur. Everyone wants to avoid this fatality because the humans love being alive and we are afraid of the hereafter. For this reason, is too important to plan a cemetery as a helper for easing this suffer and this emptiness.

Studying the death and the cemeteries involve learning about the traditions, the society and the surroundings of each region, as well as conceiving and understanding philosophical and metaphysical aspects for passing.

Furthermore, facing the idea of death architecture and planning a cemetery are a dream for an architect and this challenge is only attainable for a few of them. For this reason, there are only a few of remarkable graveyards and studying them is compulsory to understand why the philosophy of the moment is more important than the lecture of the site.

For this reason, everything must be placed in the correct place and they have to be a meaning. They should signify a tour thorough the life, as well as, the death as the end of life, the ending of a tour where we have lived many experiences: born, go to the university, finding a job, meet friends, being a father or a mother….

The proposal

The proposed expansion of the cemetery is a bit radical and risky to enclose all the purposes:

– Cemetery and landscape: it is crucial to create a more permeable space for a space that normally is located in the borders between the city and the landscape. For this reason, the cemetery and the typical Alt Emporda’s vegetable garden go hand in hand and share this crucial life space.
– Between the extensions: the project has been placed in the concurrence of two types of niches and tombs extension which dated back many years.
– Death is a final, as well as, continuum: our life continues in spite of the death of someone and it’s impossible to come back. For this reason, the cemetery has to be conceive as a journey without stop and where you can find some items which stir our conscience.
– Death is a gap: the proposal cemetery is formed by three huge gaps as a symbol of lost but without losing the conception of a Mediterranean cemetery with a wall in its surroundings and very well-modulated.

In conclusion, a final as a boundary towards salvation, the past and a victory over death.

Consultant: Alex Sibils, Jordi Hidalgo | Post date: 06/11/2015 | Views: 4.226