Pulpit Rock Church
Architect: Giuseppe Laudante
Client: AWR International Ideas Competition
Status: Academic Competition (2017)
Location: Forsand, Norway
Coordinates: 58.986226, 6.190951
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Stone, Metal
Environment: Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Small
Types: Chapel, Religious

The project proposal arises from the comprehension of morphological factors which make this place complex and fascinating. The aim is to lead the existing path visitors have to effectuate towards the sky. This work wants to be the connection between the individual and the sky (God). The idea of proposing an ideal tent, which is an impermanent structure, shows the intention of respecting the landscape, exactly like a camping tent, but with a sacred character. The supposed structure proposes the use of steel truss covered with krion so that the structure can be disassembled. As the truss continues inside the building, it supports a six meters long cantilever which is emphasized by the glazed wall that dematerialises the basement of the building which seems suspended.

Visual identity

Preserve the current point of view and offer another where the people can prays while remaining suspended on pristine landscape.

Temporary shelter

The project idea is to create a sacrediconic refuge born to respect the landscape. It developes to be an idealisticsacred tent able to evoke the sensation of provvisoriety and temporaneity.

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