Religare, Refugere, Reducere ad Unum is a proposal by Stefano Zugno Luca Bellussi and Priscilla Domirti promoted by Young Architects Competitions in 2019. It is located in Rukomo Rwanda in a forest setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 1.500 sqm. Key material is wood. Review the other 8 proposals from the same competition.

Rukomo is a remote village situated in the upland of Rwanda. Here lives a community that has overcome moments of deep and great sorrow.

We imagined a place of peace and conciliation, where to celebrate or gather the community, regardless of disagreements and differences, where to be united in the longing for eternity.

Our architecture take form and structure through these phases.


Lattanzio’s thesis about the meaning of the word “Religion”, from latin “Religio”= “Re”+ “ligàre” = tie together. A celebration of the union between Tutsi and Hutu people, for a community of peace.

“TUTSI E HUTU”, These two forces that chase each other, will be distinguished respectively from the symbolic reinterpretation of the spears, to remind the people of Tutsi hunters and breeders, and from the vegetation to remind the people of Hutu farmers and gatherers.


The circle interpreted as a symbol of spirit, harmony and completeness, is the emblem of all that has neither beginning nor end, expression of the invisible and indominable. It defines a “sacred” space, with the original meaning of the term: “separate from…dedicated to…”, within which man finds shelter and expression approaching the divine.

Reducere ad unum

The third phase is the result of the union of the previous 2 phases (“Religare” + “Refugere”) that together are the bases of the “project”. The“return to one” alludes to the return of souls to the divine.


The “Matèria”- mother is composed of two main parts: a bamboo shell, material that symbolizes rectitude, fidelity, humility, tenacity, life and growth, and it leans on a stone podium, symbolizing eternity, solidity and social bonds. Both materials can be easily found in Rwanda.

2902-SZU-RW-2019 — Posted in 2022 — Explore more projects on chapel and religious — Climate: desert / arid and hot — Views: 2.048