Research Building Q of the Murcia Science Campus is a proposal by COR Architecture + Design promoted by INFO Instituto Fomento Murcia in 2024. It is located in Murcia Spain in an industrial setting. Its scale is medium with a surface of 1.096 sqm a budget of 1.139.023 € and a ratio of 1.039 €/sqm. Key materials are metal and stone.

The rehabilitation and expansion of Building Q at the Murcia Science Park (PCM) within the Espinardo Complex is structured around five strategic pillars:

– Design for Efficiency and Comfort: The building’s design adheres to principles of energy efficiency, functionality, humanization, and interior comfort. This ensures that the structure not only conserves energy but also provides a pleasant and productive environment for its users.

– Architectural Integration: The intervention aims to harmonize with the architectural language of the existing buildings within the Science Park. This is achieved through the proposal of a double metal skin, anchored using a triangular metal system, which seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of the surrounding structures.

– Functional and Spatial Quality: The building’s configuration addresses contemporary needs through a functional program that prioritizes spatial and architectural excellence. This ensures that the space is utilized to its maximum potential while maintaining high standards of quality.

– Humanization of Interior Spaces: The interior spaces are designed to be welcoming and conducive to work and research. The proposal focuses on creating an environment that meets current demands while incorporating enough flexibility to adapt to future requirements or changes in operations.

– Creating a Landmark: The design aims to craft a unique building that not only dignifies the space it occupies but also enhances the overall value of the complex. The building aspires to become a reference point within the Espinardo Complex, symbolizing innovation and architectural integrity.

This project, through its comprehensive strategies, seeks to elevate Building Q to a paragon of modern, efficient, and human-centric design within the Murcia Science Park.

3208-CAD-MJV.ES-2024 — Posted in 2024 — Explore more projects on education refurbishment and research center — Climate: temperate and mediterranean — Coordinates: 38.026178, -1.168202 — Team: Miguel Rodenas, Jesús Olivares, Nadia Canet, Alfredo Ortega — Views: 448