The Culture Centre is a proposal by Daniel Berg Arkitekter developed in 2024. Unrevealed location. Its scale is medium with a surface of 1.127 sqm. Key materials are brick and wood. MIR and HISM collaborated as visualizers.

The new Culture Centre will serve as a public living room for the locals and a new exciting destination for everyone with a passion for the arts. A space dedicated to nourishing curiosity, knowledge and creativity. Exposure to great literature, art and music can be transformative. Enriching our lives with vibrant colors and taking us places we never knew existed. The Culture Centre welcomes everyone to explore the beauty of artistic expression. In addition to a new city library and an art gallery, you will find a book café with a beautiful perennial garden. The heaviness of the library, with its stereotomic masonry, is contrasted by the tectonic lightness and transparency of the art gallery. The carbon footprint of the building is kept to a minimum due to an efficient CLT structure, recycled clay bricks and solar panels for renewable energy.

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