Architect: Juan Pablo Guerra Melo
Client: Private
Status: Research
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Concrete
Environment: Mountain
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 270 ㎡ Small
Types: House, Residential

“Ruina” is a contemporary megalith that seeks to reinterpret a primitive architectural language through its dark materiality, solid plasticity, and its contrast between large and intimate spaces to accommodate the needs that a rest home requires.

The project is partially underground, offering perspectives as if it were a burrow. The social area opens panoramically and together with the dark materiality that seeks to disappear, the architecture focuses the view on the beauty of the space that surrounds the house.

The main access evokes entering through the crack of a cave, a compact corridor that through skylights guide you to continue advancing to discover the main hall, a space that organizes two bedrooms and the large social area.

In inhabiting the architectural piece, an intimate immensity is sought, a structure close to immateriality, spaces to contemplate sky and nature. Sensations that remind us of the melancholy of a ruin.

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