San Cristoforo
Architect: Campomarzio
Status: Competition (2013)
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Extralarge
Types: Masterplan, Public space

The small city of Pergine is 11 km far away from the city of Trento.

In the last years it has experienced a considerable urban development due to the recent population growth. Pergine can be considered an urban satellite of Trento, destined to absorb consistently the expected urban growth of the provincial capital. The average population consists mostly of commuters who gravitate towards the city of Trento. Therefore, the areas of future urbanization of the municipality of Pergine have to be inserted and studied in a broader territorial context that considers its interdependence with the provincial capital. Furthermore, the population growth forecast of the upper Valsugana makes clear the need to develop a precise housing strategy capable of creating the idea of urbanity until now absent.

San Cristoforo and the northern shore of Lake Caldonazzo constitute an interesting touristic potential. The relative proximity to the city of Trento include them in the city-territory system that will characterize the future metropolitan area of Trento.

The overlooking shore of Lake Caldonazzo colud be the «quid» that would transform San Cristoforo into a profitable tourist attraction both locally and internationally, exceeding the current condition of seasonality. We believe that the two aspects should be promoted at the same time, proposing a mix of uses that allows to exploit the tourist potential and to avoid the transformation of the lake into a trivial «theme park».

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