• Sara Hildén Art Museum

  • 2827-KXT-FI-2021
  • by Kontext

The competition proposal for modern art museum in Finlayson district in Tampere is found on step-by-step analysis of the site context complexity and searching of the most effective design solutions with creation of spatially intriguing exhibition facilities. The site is situated on the border between the city and the large green area of Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park. Also, it is divided into two different parts by Finlaysoninkatu street with historically significant views and landscape. Moreover, the new museum has to become a part of existing buildings ensemble with diverse typology, architecture style and year of construction. The integration of urban infrastructure in museum volume is a feature of the program, which complicates pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the site. That is why we created THE KEYSTONE to solve
all issues and tie together the multiformity of the site.


architect: Kontext  |  team: Denis Antokhin, Nikolay Bukhantsov  |  clients: Sara Hilden Foundation, City of Tampere  |  status: Competition (2021)  |  competition: Sara Hildén Art Museum  |  location: Tampere, Finland (61.502100, 23.756550)  |  climate: Continental, Temperate  |  materials: concrete, brick  |  environment: Urban  |  consultant: CARRE engineering company  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: 4.000 m2 medium  |  types: cultural, museum  |  views: 2.459

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