Sisters Houses
Architects: KENO Architectes, Pedro Frade
Client: Private
Status: On going
Location: Malaqueijo, Portugal
Coordinates: 39.294819, -8.821789
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Materials: Concrete, Wood
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 500.000 €
Scale: 350 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 1.428,57 €/㎡
Types: House, Refurbishment, Residential

Two constructions

The project consists of renavate two buildings in the same field. Their differences are glaring. One is a mansion with a classic frieze, while The other is a dressed brick shed used for animals.

A renovated house

Due to the dilapidated structure, undoubtedly leading to its total destruction, the house faces an opportunity the restructuring that will reveal its volumes atypical. The peripheral walls, decorated with a frieze, are preserved and completed, while the roof is rebuilt in accordance with its past identity. Inside, the walls are deposited, only the chimney is kept there. After this step of clarification and enhancement of the elements, a majestic volume takes shape at the heart of this envelope. The center of the house is the nerve point of its composition interior. Previously, the corridor was installed as a space in motion without use. Now, a space life, versatile, takes place as the legitimate representative of the home. It becomes a gathering place and also a link between all spaces. This is how everything
takes shape under the roof volume, originally underexploited, is revealed with force revealing also the character of the place.

A converted hangar

At the other end of the field stands a shed for animals adjoining the remains of an ancient, supposed, farmhouse. Ruin reveals a special atmosphere. It draws its strength from its history. Its relationship to time is beyond us. Its shape the project like a guide. Ruin is revealing qualities of him since it allows to draw the sequencing of the place. At first, it invites the visitor to enter the house with a space framed between two walls on the outside. Then, by the extension of its thick walls, it prioritizes spaces. In the thickness of its walls, all technical parts take space. As a result, generous spaces are freed up for all other uses of the house.

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