The challenge is how to turn the memory of the fortress of Cresmina in a small contemporary museum. Fully respect the border means never come in touch directly and use it as a container adapting the program to its morphology. Five identical reinforced concrete walls are the only sign that is used. These divide the spaces, regulate flows, and supporting the great cover. Transversely to the walls, there are three filters in succession: the service areas, the main areas and the exhibition grounds. The large coverage relates and interacts with the sign of the ruins. It rests only on the core and extends up to six points of the border of the ruins, without ever touching them.

The project ends with a large terrace towards the ocean, extending outside the exhibition hall. Here, out of the sun you can enjoy the endless view, with the wind in your face and your feet on the ancient stones of the fort.


architects: OPPS architettura, Giacomo Razzolini  |  client: ArkXsite  |  status: Competition (2015)  |  competition: Site Art Center Cascais  |  clasification: honour mention  |  location: Cascais, Portugal (38.723035, -9.478810)  |  climate: Mediterranean, Temperate  |  materials: concrete, stone  |  environment: Seaside  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: cultural, museum  |  views: 1.947

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