Smichov city – north
Architect: Gut Gut
Client: Sekyra Group
Status: Competition (2015)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Play-Time architectonic images
Scale: 83.609 ㎡ Large
Types: Housing, Residential

The invited competition sought ideas to develop an 8ha site on the left bank of the River Vltava, which is to become a modern residential and administrative centre. Smíchov is one of the fastest growing areas in inner city Prague with history dating back to the 13th Century. In spite of its historical fragmentation, the neighbourhood has a unique character and a heterogeneous nature both in the social and architectural sense.

Our urban vision for the new development is based on this specific character of Smíchov. The quarter is formed by several parts, each with its own identity and unique atmosphere. The new development will form a unique addition to this neighbourhood giving impulse to a positive regeneration and integration of the whole quarter. The parameters for this future development are based on progressive establishment of a new community of users, directly linked to the spatial structure of integrated and visually distinct new city blocks.

Our proposal SMÍCHOV CITY – NORTH integrates a wide range of functional and spatial qualities focused mainly on housing, complemented by a shopping centre, school and pre-school facilities and administrative and commercial zone, aiming to support and add to the diverse character of the area. Each city block has an individual adaptable character and different architectural expression. The diversity of housing typologies, including dual aspect apartments and duplexes with private balconies and roof terraces is reflected in the modular plan, allowing creation of different sizes of units through combination of individual modules.

The urban structure is based on continuous perception of space. The courtyards are publicly accessible through passages located in diagonal corners of each block, which can be easily secured overnight. The courtyard spaces are flexible and their individual character will evolve from the requirements of the residents and occupiers of each block. Active frontages and multifunctional courtyard spaces create an ideal setting for community use as well as a new destination for visitors and workers commuting into the area. Our approach aims to engage future users and allow them to develop a unique relationship and responsibility towards the place where they will live, work or visit.

Team: GutGut (Števo Polakovič, Lukáš Kordík), Roman Žitňanský, Martin Kusý, Pavel Paňák, Martin Kusý ml., Igor Marko | Collaborator: Mária Kusá, Beata Paňáková, Tomáš Vrtek, Jana Benková, Katarina Bergerová, Patricia Botková, Martin Simonides | Post date: 24/02/2015 | Views: 4.937