Sprava Zeleznic HQ
Architect: ohboi
Client: Sprava Zeleznic
Status: Competition (2021)
Clasification: Finalist
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Coordinates: 50.058917, 14.409249
Climate: Continental, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Glass
Environment: Railway
Visualizer: monolot
Budget: 80.000.000 €
Scale: 43.225 ㎡ Large
Ratio: 1.850,78 €/㎡
Types: Office, Office building

In the increasingly densely populated centres of Western European cities, the trend in recent decades has been to use reclaimed areas near the station for new intensive construction. Prague will join the crowd of cities (for all of them, for example, Zurich, Berlin, London) and, symbolically, the building of the Railway Administration headquarters. The building will become a cornerstone of the development of southern Smichov. The land selected for construction is unique in the city for its position and accessibility, but it brings demanding requirements on the spatial and operational layout.

The design itself is defined by the complex situation and context, as well as the unusual program of the building. It is a task on several levels to build the HQ for the important public institution in such a valuable locality and thus start the transformation of the whole district. The primary goal is to create urban spaces that integrate seamlessly into the city’s organism. The design proposes two buildings which, with their position, openness, and orientation, reflect the context and bring new connections to the site. The efficient and logically arranged operation of Sprava Zeleznic HQ is a matter of course. Up to 1,400 people will work in the buildings, yet the creation of micro-links and local communities is essential for the design.

The buildings do not try to become an icon at all costs. They humbly follow the dominant roofing of the new Smichov station and create an organic division between the street and railway yard. On the other hand, buildings do not even try to obscure their dimensions. The shape and length of the buildings are thus acknowledged and become a strong expressive element of the design.

After a new excellent logo and more open communication with the public, Sprava Zeleznic will acquire new buildings that will represent its transformation and an important position in society. Firmly rooted, through a symbolic place on the edge of the station, in the past, but ready for the challenges of the present and the future. Modern transparent public building, as a reflection of the institution in it.

Team: Jan Kubát, Linda Kaliská, Martin Jireš | Collaborator: JIKA-CZ | Post date: 02/09/2021 | Views: 2.581