The Ark of Collision
Architects: Morgan Baufils, Hugues Hernandez, Benoit Vauleon
Client: ideasforward
Status: Competition (2017)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Mount Ararat, Turkey
Coordinates: 39.7024393, 44.2968874
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Concrete
Environment: Seaside
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Religious, Religious center

The Ark of Collision

The Deluge, as conceptualized in the genesis contains in it the idea of a Divine punishment against humans. By putting to death the world to revive it cleansed then, the Deluge expresses the paradox of an inseparable extermination and the need for Earth species conservation. Noah’s Ark is a collision of all existing entities in a same space, as much a storage area as a memory place. The Ark seems to us to be the privileged place of life’s preservation and its production, a real encyclopedia allowing the transition between an old and a new world.

From our point of view, the shaping is inexorably bound to the architectural heritage, indeed, the city retains a collective memory that can guide the man. However, the projection of its various architectures within the same space, induces new associations, which sets up new fragments of reality.

A new urbanity made by addition of architecture fundamentals and a bonding process tends to emancipate itself of its content, and at the same time offer a new architectural reference worthy of that new world. The Ark becomes a utopia adrift, as an intense distillation of the old world, a place where the heritage of past contributes to the confrontation’s potential.

Faced with the infinite surface of the waters, our Ark passes through the surface of the ocean by the means of a monolithic building, where interior and exterior are confronted. So therefore, the wealth of internal events is not visible from the Deluge, the Ark appears there as a landmark, a shelter, a waterproof shell. The Ark is intended as an absolute, the existence’s perpetuation against the natural elements, a sort of aspiration to claim the right to live without limits. The Deluge is to perceive as a stimulation of the human mind and also as a calling into question its environment.

The Torments Ark’s

After the Deluge, Noah realizes that he has allowed the life preservation, but at the same time he ended the old world and killed thousands of people by prohibiting them from entering the Ark. Full of guilt, his certainties collapsed and he finds himself as a prisoner of his own Ark, which becomes the memory of his act. Then, Noah isolates himself in the ruins of the failed utopia that he has set up, lost in this city of collisions, and doubts resound in echoes in the uncertainty of architectural associations.

The Ark becomes the origin of the revival, but this New World is made without Noah, ashamed face what he helped to build. Noah takes refuge in the Ark, and builds his house, a minimalist cabin with spherical and pure appearance, the core of the world. Faced with the monumentality and the excessive expression of the surrounding architectures, this ultimate architectural gesture should be seen as a retreat, a back to the first fireplace notion, from which Noah observes the new world being born.

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