The intervention in the Pyramid Square is a simple gesture, as a result of the existing building.
Simple but powerful.
We get rid of all the elements of the space, leaving a clear canvas for the new project.
Then we create a grid of vertical poles (thin columns) that occupies all the square.
Every kind of activity could happen around these poles, they help people to regain their own public space.


architects: Sara Navazo, Edorta Larizgoitia  |  client: Lost Architecture Competition  |  status: Competition (2014)  |  clasification: 2 rang  |  location: Tirana, Albania  |  climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate  |  material: metal  |  environment: Undefined  |  visualizer: Studio  |  scale: medium  |  types: intervention, public space  |  views: 1.846