The tolerant city
Architect: ADEPT
Status: Competition (2009)
Clasification: 1 prize
Visualizer: Luxigon
Scale: 249.000 ㎡ Extralarge
Types: Masterplan, Public space

The vision is to let The Tolerant City grow in the H+ area through a flexible and instructive planning process. The point of departure is Helsingborg’s unique characteristics, the landscape, the water, history and the current well-run activities. The industrial and inviting qualities of the H+ area, the double horizon between the Landborg plateau and the skyline of the harbour, and, not least, the separated constitution of the area have been the principal parameters of the project.As the backbone and main concept of the project, the blue meets the green in a life-giving landscape structure.

The new neighbourhood connects the north to the south through a blue green connection. The Tolerant City displays its qualities primarily in relation to the extant context, which it merges with over time, updates and transforms – peaceably, but not vapidly. It orients itself towards the waterfront and attempts to create experiential, programmatic and spatial relations and exchanges.

It transcends the dividing aspects of the infrastructure and unites with the existing city around it. The Tolerant City safeguards the immanent values of the place, social as well as architectural.

Collaborator: Schønherr Landscape, Transsolar Climate Engineering, VIA Trafik, General Public Agency, bbn consult, FB Engineering, Jens Kvorning | Engineer: Transsolar Climate Engineering | Structural engineer: FB Engineering | Landscape: ADEPT, Schønherr Landscape | Post date: 16/08/2012 | Views: 2.801