Thermal Center in Bande
Architects: LAOS, Marta Trigás
Client: Concello de Bande
Status: Competition (2022)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Bande, Spain
Coordinates: 41.979889, -7.979958
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Stone
Environments: Forest, Riverside
Visualizer: UTOPIC visuals
Budget: 1.150.000 €
Scale: 515 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 2.233,01 €/㎡
Types: Health center, Healthcare, Pool, Sport

The proposal, at a conceptual level, is for the new equipment to function in a triangle whose vertices are defined by historical heritage, natural heritage and well-being. The new thermal space will be the headquarters of a dynamic center that will work, on different scales, the history, landscape and health of the site. These are the main axes of action:

– Enhancement of the historical heritage of the site.
– Conservation and interpretation of the meaning and importance of thermal spaces in its historical perspective.
– Landscape integration of the new equipment in a sensitive and unique natural environment.
– Creation of a reference space around well-being and health.

The intervention includes the access space and the vehicle parking areas, with a special sensitivity for the maintenance of existing trees. Inside spaces are projected based on comfort and health criteria, putting in the foreground the relationship of the interior with the immediate natural environment. In front of the dam, the treatment areas and swimming pools are located. Some closed spaces are differentiated, of smaller dimension, where the individual treatments will take place, without views to the outside, understood as spaces for introspection, privacy and relaxation.

The pool areas open through windows to the outside, framing the landscape, promoting visual integration with the forest and the reservoir, adding the contemplation of the landscape as one more element of the therapeutic treatment. Constructively, a modulated, simple scheme is proposed, through a system of structural walls of concrete and local stone (cyclopean concrete), with a renewed vision of traditional and historical construction systems as part of the local intangible heritage.

Competition: Thermal Center in Bande | Team: Xavier Botet, Albert Saboya, Marta Trigás | Post date: 10/03/2023 | Views: 1.286