Vilnius National Concert Hall Tautos Namai

First of all it is the sound of everyday life that we want to take into consid- eration, the sound of the people who meet on the belly of Tauros Hill, who to- gether live the vitality of Vilnius and spend the happy moments of their life in a place where nature releases the essence of this piece of the city.

This is where the story of this new National Concert Hall begins. A project is proposed for Tauros Hill that manages to identify different places for the play and for being together, where foreigners can find rest under the sound of the branches of the trees and while the children run chasing each other up and down from the slope of the hill, parents can find a landscape that allows them to relax their senses.

Competition: Vilnius National Concert Hall Tautos Namai | Team: Samuel Quagliotto, Maria Marrone, Federica Mengoni, Beatrice Magliocchetti, Martina Tocco, Livia Medici, Micaela Didomenicantonio | Post date: 08/10/2019 | Views: 3.374