Vivi Porto Corallo is a fourth prize competition entry by Studio MADe promoted by Comune di Villaputzu in 2018. It is located in Porto Corallo Italy in a seaside setting. Its scale is extralarge. Key material is wood. Review the other 2 proposals from the same competition.

A port is a place where land embraces sea. And along Porto Corallo’s meandering coastline, this happens in many unique ways. What do each of these places suggest as activities? Taking cues from the landscape, we propose a series of rhythmic experiences that alternate between solitary recreation and collective gathering. We propose five dense zones to reinvigorate Porto Corallo. In contrast, the spaces between these nodes are left untouched, serving as links.

Traversing along one of these stretches, the walker or bicyclist pauses when she chances upon a place of interest. Walking south from Porto Tramatzu, perhaps she finds the Sports Centre at Zone 1 to be of interest. Or she finds a moment of solitude in Zone 2, south of this. With intimate coves facing the water, the landscape here offers quiet adventure, for picnic under the trees. Further south, the walker reaches a green promenade that takes her into the heart of the camping village. Bustling with life, this place has cottages for rent, commercial spots and eateries. A defined network of streets makes it possible for tourists to easily access the Harbour, where they can find boats for rent. The intervention is minimal and draws its cues from the existing patterns of the village.

Heading further south from this commercial centre, the walker crosses over a water body to find herself in Zone 4. With the historic stone tower defining this territory, it seems fitting to call this a Cultural Ring. It defines a plaza large enough to accommodate social gatherings and offers splendid views of the landscape. Water-based activities like snorkeling and fishing are ideal along this stretch of the coastline. The activities happening at the Commercial Zone 3 and the Cultural Zone 4 benefit from one another, helping to re-invigorate the site. Gradually, the walker reaches Zone 5, where a series of minimal interventions like temporary shacks and beach decks allow for informal activities to crop up along the long stretch of Porto Corallo beach.

Our proposal therefore sequentially recomposes the seafront into a series of public spaces. The interventions are minimal and respect the scale of the surrounding villages, while also allowing flexibility for future changes. To breathe life into the waterfront, a series of recreational and cultural activities have been proposed. We imagine that a reinvigorated promenade would encourage people to linger, to sit in solitude and to socialise.

2373-ADE-IT-2018 — Posted in 2018 — Explore more projects on landscape park port public space and waterfront — Climate: mediterranean and temperate — Coordinates: 39.4387441,9.6306363 — Team: Madhusudhan Chalasani, Jesus Garrido Valdivia, Bob Peniel Inapanuri, Vamsi Kundanam, Bharat Thota, Leo Cicione, Niharika Sanyal, Vaibhav Saxena — Views: 5.384