Water sports and leisure complex
Architect: Mikou Studio
Status: Competition (2010)
Visualizer: RSI Studio
Scale: 3.550 ㎡ Medium
Types: Pool, Sport

Landscape mirror

The main aim of the landscape scheme on the La Moubra site is to emphasize the valley’s crosswise layout, to preserve the green, undeveloped core of the small valley of the River Zier, and to enhance it by clearing the East-West axis of views towards the RhoneValley on the East and the Alps on the West. The Aqualoisir building sits on the edge of slopes north of the site, directly connected to the new south urban façade of Crans-Montana.

The landscaping of the Aqualoisirs site concentrates on two elements of the programme: a timber-decked «Lagoon Front» esplanade for summer use which highlights the La Moubra lagoon dam; and a «Rhone Valley Panorama» esplanade in natural stone, more for use in winter, which is directly linked to the entrance hall of the Aqualoisirs centre and to the new public square, and which open towards the valley viewing point.

We have aimed to attain maximum compactness while allowing a large number of viewing points of the large landscape by means of windows in relief designed as bow windows and large corner openings facing southwards and westwards onto the lake.

The envelope of the Aqualoisirs centre consists of a skin of structural concrete, plus a facing in anthracite grey architectural concrete that mirrors the surrounding landscape.

«Rhone Valley Panorama» winter esplanade

The Aqualoisirs site is very well located in the middle of the small valley of the River Zier, set in north-south plantations of conifers in which an open, protected central clearing is directly connected to the La Moubra lagoon and its footpath and giving onto the panoramic view of the Rhone Valley.

The esplanade consists of natural stone flagstones with items of concrete street furniture that define different parts of the space according to different activities: picnic tables on the terrace outside the Aqualoisirs restaurant, deck chairs grouped together in a solarium, outdoor open-air baths and showers, banquet tables, basketball courts and ping-pong table at the south boundary. Wide borders of purifying plants ensure that surface run-off water from the esplanade and the planted areas is directly absorbed and allowed to seep away. Timber walkways provide East-West crosswise links.

«Lagoon Front» summer esplanade

The present embankment of the La Moubra lagoon is completely upgraded by adding a wide timber-decked esplanade that highlights the front of the lagoon by opening the lakeside to users. The decking, which is initially flat, is extended by an inclined plane that falls gently to meet the level of the water, thereby inviting users to go down to the water’s edge.

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