Zagreb Tower is a proposal by Aske Beha Busch Karl Albert Frej Skoog and Erik Järkil developed in 2019. It is located in Zagreb Croatia in a park setting. Its scale is small with a surface of 100 sqm. Key material is concrete.

Placed as the link between the past and the future. An ascending from the ancient history of Zagreb to the vista of the whole modern city of Zagreb.

Situated between the old and the new part of Zagreb Ascension will be an axle around which the social motor in the new urban fabric and the old meet.

A combination of a plane and a tower. The plane acts as a plaza that embraces the visitor and inscribes a human scale to the area. The tower stands on top of a cluster of large brick columns, thus emphasizing the difference between the free flow of the plane and the ascending of the tower. The low wall and the act of the subtle depression of the plaza is inviting yet gives a strong sense of entering a space of a different character than the city fabric.

Descending slightly before ascending the tower further emphasize the shift between the horizontal and the vertical.

The increasing size of the openings in the wall gives glimpses of the surroundings when climbing the stairs until in the end the full beauty of the landscape is revealed.

The materiality of the steel construction clad with brick is a part of the discussion of the different eras of Zagreb as an evolving city. The materiality places the tower somewhere between an industrial construction, and a church bell tower.

The future rests on earlier generations efforts and today’s and future societies are built on the ruins of ancient empires.

That is cause for reflection. Designing a building that is bold but also will be beautiful as a ruin is showing a humble attitude. Inspired from the architecture of the Roman empire once ruling the area and from more recent local building techniques used for many homes and industries.

This makes the building familiar. Yet its simplicity and sharp figure it is apparent that it is a civic building free to use for all. Drawing inspiration from the past it still pointing up to the future with views to the beautiful landscape.

2598-ABB-ZAG.HR-2019 — Posted in 2020 — Explore more projects on intervention landscape and observatory — Climate: oceanic / maritime and temperate — Coordinates: 45.7864722, 15.97355555 — Views: 2.898