Parking in Moena
Architect: Demogo
Status: Competition (2013)
Visualizer: Studio
Budget: 9.782.000 €
Scale: 8.000 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 1.222,75 €/㎡
Types: Bridge, Intervention, Landscape, Parking, Transport

Moena represents a place highly characterized by its orography, by the signs and the transformations of the relation amid man and territory. Here exists a symbiotic connection between landscape, architecture and men, as a slow and archaic dimension of the time that produces a dialectic of strong continuity among perception and necessity of living the mountain environment.

The idea of the project is based on creating a liaison between  these components: the parking building, the bridgetunnel and the cycling-pedestrian way along the stream, in order to produce a system that is cohesive and hybridized with the natural surroundings of the valley. The transcription of the context is a process that is traversed by iconic and typological elements highly inherent to the genius loci of alpine habitat, and that grows and renews the archaic relation amid architecture and landscape, amid the man and its own spatial perception.

The building is concerned as a “machine-à-habiter” through the shape modeling and a wood cladding. These expedients do not reveal its content,  but underline the belonging to the surrounding site and set a dialogue with the typical shape of the old tabià.
The bridge, instead, refers to old stone construction, simple and basic image typical of  mountain landscape. That old bridges was composed of a structure supported by an arch.

In the end, the pedestrian way, characterized by a footbridge near the stream, that aims at realizing not only a new journey, but also new perspectives, new experiences and a new contextual composition.

Competition: Parking in Moena | Team: Alberto Mottola, Simone Gobbo, Davide De Marchi | Post date: 16/10/2014 | Views: 2.712