College in Sion
Architect: Dürig Ag
Client: City of Sion
Status: Competition (2019)
Clasification: 3 prize
Location: Sion, Switzerland
Climate: Oceanic / maritime, Temperate
Materials: Concrete, Metal
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: maaars architektur visualisierungen
Budget: 78.000.000 €
Scale: 20.000 ㎡ Large
Ratio: 3.900,00 €/㎡
Types: Education, School

The rational concept leads to a efficient architecture of the new building. The building shows the place (location in the valley, in the village), the program (large halls, small classrooms) and the natural influences (floods, earthquakes). The layered structure represents the program (halls on the first floor and classrooms on the two upper floors) and consequently the rational, structural design as the theme of the design.

Team: Jean-Pierre Dürig, Gian Paolo Ermolli | Consultant: MWV Bauingenieure AG | Post date: 15/05/2023 | Views: 1.242