Enrico Fermi School
Architect: Laboratorio Permanente
Clients: Fondazione Agnelli, Compagnia di San Paolo
Status: Competition (2017)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Turin, Italy
Coordinates: 45.034538, 7.671102
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Material: Undefined
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: Medium
Types: Education, School

Initially conceived as an isolated element of the city, as a series of undifferentiated spaces, the Enrico Fermi school is redesigned in order to dissolve borders between the city and the school ensuring a dialogue between didactics and experience, indoor and outdoor spaces, artificial and natural environment.

The school, placed in the heart of the city, becomes the stage where students, workers and citizens, can identify themselves through a sequence of different spaces and materials making them live in a harmonious relationship. The “Cantiere Cultura”, thanks to its iconic image, set itself as a cultural centre, pivot of a dynamic and lively landscape. The project revamps the elements of the historic and cultural heritage of the neighbourhood and presents itself as a landmark whose features are balanced against the immediate urban surroundings.

“Adolescence is a new birth”, the pedagogue Stanley Hall writes, defining it as a period of life in which new experiences are the only way to develop a renewed knowledge of ourselves and the world around us. This process of growth is not a lonely journey. It’s a journey that enriches if shared and dealt in common with friends, school and family. The architecture of the Enrico Fermi school in Turin was born as an answer to this need of complexity and sociality through the design of a flexible and interdisciplinary school.

Competition: Enrico Fermi School | Team: Nicola Russi, Angelica Sylos Labini | Collaborator: Mario Ventilato, Marco di Forenza, Luca Cozzani, Francesca Lina Pincella, Alessandro Zanoletti, Giacomo Palomba, Alberto Ceriotti, Gabriel Jakober, Alberto Benetti | Consultant: Michele Angioletti | Structural engineer: Pietro Boesio | Model maker: SE.BA.LAB di Sebastiano Conti Gallenti | Photography: Riccardo Gusti | Post date: 18/09/2017 | Views: 7.285