New administration building in straw bale construction
Architect: Birk Heilmeyer und Frenzel Architekten
Client: Unknown
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Hessenpark, Germany
Coordinates: 50.275316, 8.530042
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Wood
Environment: Park
Visualizer: Patricia Bagienski-Grandits
Scale: 550 ㎡ Small
Types: Administrative center, Institutional

«The building evolves from an almost square footprint, with the east side directing towards the entrance. It forms an autonomous entity that is not predominantly oriented towards the surrounding typologies. An only slightly pitched roof underpins its form, which is striking in its flatness. This subtle approach works well, although the timber structure would imply a perpendicular construction. The building is organised around an inner courtyard, which is set slightly off-centre. This creates different spatial zones allocated to the respective occupations. In combination with the inner courtyard, the zoning and versatility result in high standard offices and meeting rooms. The energy efficiency requirements of the State of Hesse to exceed the minimum legal requirements are easily met with this design. The proposed energy concept consistently pursues the low tech principle and thus impresses the jury». Excerpt from the jury assessment

Model maker: Frank Dora | Photography: FALTIN+SATTLER | Post date: 12/10/2023 | Views: 524