Rehabilitation and adaptation of Can Garcini
Architects: Adrià Escolano, David Steegmann, Aquidos
Client: BIMSA
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean
Materials: Wood, Plaster
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Kaleidos
Budget: 2.874.000 €
Scale: 900 ㎡ Small
Ratio: 3.193,33 €/㎡
Types: Healthcare, Senior care center

Competition for the transformation of an old agricultural property located within the urban fabric of the Guinardó neighbourhood, to establish a senior citizens’ social centre.The project includes the rehabilitation and transformation of the existing heritage estate and the construction of a new annex building.

The new building is designed to minimize its visual impact and give prominence to the historic farmhouse and the surrounding garden. Simultaneously, it reconnects this green space with its urban environment, which currently turns its back, by creating access points at different levels and streets.

The garden is organized into two large areas, defining different environments: a sandy square and a promenade lined with orchards and shaded spaces under the trees. Inside the historic building, the original structure with four bays is preserved, with the elevator positioned centrally to allow for an open and unobstructed layout.

Collaborator: ESITEC SL. | Post date: 11/10/2023 | Views: 883