Redevelopment of historical garden of Villa Quadrio
Architect: GGA gardini gibertini architects
Client: Municipality of Sondrio
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 1 prize
Location: Sondrio, Italy
Coordinates: 46.1719512, 9.8771810
Climate: Humid subtropical, Temperate
Material: Vegetal
Environments: Urban, Park
Visualizer: Luce atelier
Budget: 1.600.000 €
Scale: 6.900 ㎡ Medium
Ratio: 231,88 €/㎡
Types: Intervention, Public space, Square, Urban design

Redevelopment of the historic gardens of “Villa Quadrio”, the parking of “Enrico Paini” primary school, the pedestrian and cycle connection paths with the church of San Rocco and its parvis. Sondrio (IT). The design concept aims to harmonize each specific functional area with the entire composition; this objective is pursued through the connection of the paths, the coherent and homogeneous use of materials and the strategic alternation of the empty spaces of permanence. The new public spaces are in fact configured as a natural expansion of the areas pertaining to the individual architectural emergencies: the Multifunctional Area for Villa Quadrio, Piazza S. Rocco and the new churchyard for the oratory and the church.

Team: Alice Gardini, Nicola Gibertini | Collaborator: Giulia Magni, Amira Bayoudh, Edoardo Quattrucci | Structural engineer: Arturo Montanelli AR.DE.A | Landscape: Arturo Montanelli AR.DE.A | Post date: 03/11/2023 | Views: 575