Architect: Lussi + Partner AG
Clients: Brun AG, Municipality of Emmenbrücke
Status: Competition (2023)
Clasification: 2 prize
Location: Emmenbrücke, Switzerland
Coordinates: 47.071574, 8.282786
Climate: Temperate, Oceanic / maritime
Material: Wood
Environments: Urban, Railway
Visualizer: Studio Blomen
Scale: 39.519 ㎡ Large
Types: Housing, Residential

The «Schützenmatt» district is currently a diverse, heterogeneously developed area located to the east of Emmenbrücke train station, adjacent to the verdant residential neighborhood of «Herdschwand.» In the past, railway tracks traversed this area, accounting for the diverse arrangement of the current buildings. In contrast to the urban areas on the western side, the competition plot is quieter and unaffected by private through traffic. Here, efforts are underway to cultivate a vibrant and creative mix of commerce, gastronomy, housing, and culture.

The new buildings are positioned within a flexible grid that harmonizes with the geometries of the railway tracks, as well as the existing large buildings to the north and south, and the historically significant structures in the area. This checkerboard layout of the buildings, coupled with setbacks and recesses, creates a variety of open spaces, including streets, squares, and gardens. The new neighborhood will weave a dense network of public and semi-public pathways, commencing at the station underpass and extending into the grove of trees.

In contrast to the metropolitan structures on the opposite side of the tracks, Schützenmatt is intentionally designed to be more compact and characterized by abundant green space. This green area seamlessly connects with the adjacent «Oberhof» neighborhood. Architecturally distinctive taller buildings along the tracks serve as landmarks, and the track promenade offers an attractive cycling route as well as commercial space. The project comprises various building types, including rectangular structures with two stairwells that can be adapted for various purposes depending on their orientation and height differences. Square buildings with a single stairwell provide opportunities for different types of apartments and shared living arrangements. Another building type features generous covered walkways, offering access to small apartments and fostering communal living.

A central district park becomes the focal point of the area, serving as a gathering place for residents and passersby. This park offers respite from railway noise and promotes community. Public amenities such as restaurants, small businesses, and daycare facilities are interconnected with the square. The standalone buildings have a small footprint, allowing for ample green space. The concept of a reduced basement provides optimal space for plants and water reservoirs. Parking is accommodated in an automated vertical mobility tower. This concept promotes climate-friendly urban development in the spirit of a «sponge city».

Team: Thomas Lussi, Daniele Savi, Albert Garriga, Kim Templin, Aldo Casanova, Gabriel Lopes, Summer Mathis, Caspar Bultmann | Collaborator: Emch + Berger WSB, brücker+ernst gmbh | Landscape: vetschpartner Landschaftsarchitekten AG | Post date: 02/11/2023 | Views: 705