Social Housing in Torreblanca
Architects: Jiménez & Linares, Ciria Álvarez
Status: Competition (2019)
Location: Torreblanca, Spain
Climate: Mediterranean, Temperate
Material: Plaster
Environment: Urban
Visualizer: Studio
Scale: 972.50 ㎡ Small
Types: Housing, Residential

It is proposed the construction of 14 houses of public protection as well as premises for commercial use on plot RP1 of the Partial Plan of Torreblanca Sur in Seville.

The proposal arises from the rigor in the construction of a semi-prefabricated concrete porticoed structure based on the combination of parallel bays that order the plot in an east-west direction. These bays have two different widths, which favors a systematized construction and greater flexibility with the use of larger lights.

In the upper volumes, the residential program is ordered, housing the living space (living room, kitchen, bedrooms) as well as the light and ventilation patios in the main bay of 6.30m; and in the smaller 2.70m bay, the service spaces: communication centers, elevators and toilets.

From the volumetric point of view, the set consists of a lower body of a more loft floor, which occupies the total plot and is intended for commercial use. In addition, this floor contains the access portals to the houses and the garage ramp. On this plinth there are parallel volumes of two floors, according to the East-West axis, which contain the dwellings and which define a stepped profile in their encounter with the curved alignment.

In the volume of the base, the building is permeable in all directions by means of a vertical latticework of prefabricated elements to give greater visibility in the commercial area. The accesses to it are clearly defined with shadow areas as arcades The operation of the house is basic, with a sequence of living spaces distributed in a comb, delimiting a day area with the living room and the kitchen closely related to the access and views, and a night area with the bedrooms surrounding the patio that It allows an intimate and autonomous environment.

In the façade with alignment to the street, a flown terrace completes the useful surface of the house while allowing its specialization depending on the orientation through sliding windows that allow maximum natural lighting inside the houses and guaranteeing their protection. the exterior with vertical fixed louvred shutters to form a ventilated shadow camera.

Team: Elena Jiménez, Abelardo Linares, Beatriz Álvarez Gómez, Miguel Ciria Hernández | Collaborator: Paloma Márquez | Post date: 27/06/2019 | Views: 6.418